Bob B.’s Story

Love-Like-Jesus-Back1 (Custom)What was your life like before you met Christ? * My father ‘the preacher’ was in his mid 30’s when he heard God’s call. Dad pastored Thorn Grove Baptist Church, Strawberry Plains, TN and married the head deacon’s daughter my mother 19 years younger than him. I followed my brother to the altar at 10 days before my 6th birthday and was baptized.

I did church til age 17 and fell away having developed my own social life and working 2-3 jobs and growing in the business world. Til age 50 my life was a business, growth and job oriented world full of pride and self confidence. I did not see myself as lost or sinful but I was. I considered myself successful and happy. My father before his death told me I was not there yet with the Lord. He was proud of my success and entrusted me with my mothers care.

How did you come to Christ? * My life started to change in 1979 when I met Vivian. Her nature was loving and not as adsorbed in world. In 1998, after years of trying she got me to go to church, FBC Bradenton, FL . In weeks my life changed. I experienced a call from God to come to Him. I immediately experienced His love and joined in with His people. I was baptized in FBC Athens in 2006.

What is your life like now in Christ? * WOW, My sins where forgiven. My heart was set on service and witnessing. God quickly give me purpose and mission. Within the month I answered the Pastor’s call to be the FAITH Team leader of FBC. Vivian and I worked in Haiti with our church family doing medical missions. We helt the hands and prayed with hundreds of Haitian brothers and sisters. I preached my first time in Port a Prince, Haiti.

We have organized mission conferences, taught the word, prayed for our family, friends and the lost. Now God has given us another church building to build. We are ready and willing to move on as Jesus calls.