• Mission Partner:
Jason and Micah Tallent – Harbor City Church
  • Location:
Winthrop, Massachusetts
  • Dates:
July 8 – July 12
  • Mission Emphasis:
Vacation Bible School, Summer Sports Programs, Community Outreach
  • Cost:
To Be Announced
Jason and his wife Micah were married in 1996. They have five children, Olivia, Ethan, Olexis, Evan, and Olissa. Jason was born in Little Rock, Arkansas, and began pastoring in 1998. He has pastored churches in Arkansas and Tennessee. On their fifteenth wedding anniversary in 2011, Jason and Micah traveled to the Northeast where they fell in love with New England. After much prayer, and the direction of wise counsel, they have responded to God’s call and have determined to plant their lives in Boston and see the Kingdom of God expand. Jason and his family moved to Winthrop, MA in November 2017 to begin a new church that will serve and love the people of Winthrop. They have been involved in their community through summer sports camps and outreach events at In 2018 they began holding worship services in the local gymnasium and small group Bible studies in their home and at a local pastry shop.
This year a team from First Baptist of Athens will bring their annual Vacation Bible School program to Harbor City Church to share the love of Christ with the people of Winthrop. Prayerfully consider coming along to help us this summer.


Prayer requests here

  • BIG PRAISE – God has called Andy and Courtney Little, from Knoxville, Tennessee, to Harbor City Church, and has led Shelton and Lauren Moorman, from Warren, Arkansas to plant their lives here as well.
  • The Little’s have sold their house and have already found an apartment here in Winthrop. Pray that the Moorman’s can secure housing here soon as well.
  • Pray for the transition before them (lots of decisions and change ahead). 
    Pray for them as they plant their lives here in New England.
    Pray for their respective families they are leaving behind.
    Pray that God would grant them great favor here.
  • -Pray for MORE LABORERS, because the fields are white unto harvest.

  • -Pray for more PARTNERS to come alongside us. If you know of any churches or individuals who are looking for a church planter to partner with, keep us in mind! 
  • -Pray that God would continue to grant us FAVOR in the eyes of the people here in Winthrop.



Here is a list of the people who are going to Boston this year. Please keep them in your prayers as they prepare their hearts and minds.

  • Drew Byers
  • Jessica Byers
  • Kirby Key
  • Allison Bernhard
  • Nathan Turner
  • Abigail Leonard
  • Claire Offutt
  • Katie Derrick
  • Tim Ellis
  • Karen Ellis
  • Pat Bledsoe
  • Nancy Taylor
  • John Statkus