Ekklesia Community Church was planted in 2012. Matthew Bond is the pastor.  He served here FBC Athens as the student pastor.  Matthew and Heather have lived and worked among the people of Sidney for the past several years, and we have the opportunity to help them continue to plant gospel seeds in their community.

What will we do in Sidney?

Our primary goal in going to Sidney is to help the Bonds with their ministry to children and families. The Bonds have a unique ministry through their children’s programs in the community. We will attempt to run 2 games – one being a sports and games camp, while the other is an interactive learning camp.

What can you do?

  • We need people who are able to throw a ball and play sports with kids. We do not need professionals! We simplyneed people who are willing to try.
  • We need people who are willing and able to spend time with younger children doing age appropriate activities like playing on the playground and blowing bubbles.
  • We need people who are able to teach children in an interactive learning environment. Teaching experience is helpful, but not required. Sometimes, the most helpful interactions we have will be one on one help with students!
  • We need people who are willing to share Bible stories with kids.
  • We need people who can sing silly songs with kids.
  • We need people who are able to help kids work on crafts.
  • We need people who will pray for the labor that the Bonds are doing on the Island.
  • We need people who have thick enough skin to withstand a week with me, a week with Matthew Bond, and a week with a bunch of crazy, Canadian children.

How much?

Approx $1200. The cost of this trip fluctuates depending on the cost of the flight. We will stay in a hotel in Sidney for the week, which makes the price a little more expensive. The Missions Committee will help  subsidize the cost of the trip overall, but the cost is looking to be around $1200.

The Schedule:

  • Saturday – fly to Victoria – arrive and get settled.
  • Sunday – Worship @ Ekklesia – prep for the week of camp
  • Monday – Friday: 8am – 3pm(ish) Ekklesia camps
  • Sunday – Fly home to Tennessee

Each evening there will be an opportunity to enjoy some of the local stuff around Sidney. We usually take a trip down to Victoria at one point during the week as well to be good tourists.
The majority of our ministry will occur at the camps, while some times we may be out
around town ministering to other residents of Sidney.
This is a trip you can bring your whole family on. We would encourage parents, children,
moms, dads, and entire families to attend this trip if they are able.

Here are the people who are going to Vancouver this Summer. Please keep them in your prayers as they prepare their minds and hearts to go.

  • Drew Byers
  • Jessica Byers
  • Kirby Key
  • Miriam Offutt
  • Natalie Zuzart
  • Allison Bernhard
  • Amber Garner
  • Stephen Traucht
  • Nathan Traucht
  • James Leonard
  • Nathan Turner
  • Titus Simms


The deadline to register for this trip is May 1.  On May 1, you need to have turned in a Mission trip application (available at the welcome center or front office), a $300 deposit, and attend the evangelism class (if you didn’t attend the class, please come see me).