Libby J.’s Story

amazinggrace-p1 (Custom)What was your life like before you met Christ?  As a child I grew up in church but somehow missed God’s plan to save me so I worked out my own way.  I assumed my daddy would die before me, go to heaven, tell Jesus about his daughter and when I got there, Jesus would let me in.  Then I heard a girl my age died.  I was alarmed and concerned that I would die before my dad.

How did you come to Christ? * About this time our church had the first revival I’d ever attended.  I learned that Jesus loved me so much He suffered punishment on the cross for my sins so if I accepted Him as my Savior I would be forgiven and know for sure I’d go to heaven when I died.  After several nights hearing about Jesus’ love for me, I asked Him to save me.

What is your life like now in Christ? * In high school I didn’t do bad things but in another revival I realized Jesus didn’t have first place in my life and from reading my Bible I learned the verse: “Delight thyself in the Lord and He shall give you the desires of your heart.” I wanted His best so I yielded my life to Him.  He did not take me on the path I had mapped out for my life but oh, what a wonderful life He’s given me. My desire is to fulfill the purpose for which He made me:  to glorify Him and to enjoy His presence forever.  He’s with me 24/7 to direct me, and to bring me His joy and peace.  What a wonderful Savior He is.  Thank You, Lord Jesus