Prayer Share 120

My Holy Heavenly Father; I come before you today in great humility. I strive to be holy and to serve you, but my offerings are not worthy because my life is still full of sin. Please give me a heart for you. Focus my days on learning to do good, seeking justice, correcting oppression, bringing justice to the fatherless and pleading the widow’s cause. I am so selfish. Take my focus off of me and put it on the things that will last for eternity. Give me a heart for all those in my life who are hurting. Bind up my wounds and heal me so that I can do your work. Give me the strength and desire to bring your love to the world. Wash my sins away and make me a light on a hill. Protect me as I go out to serve you and give me courage when I don’t have any in myself. Bring me back home when I stray and strengthen my resolve.
In the name of Jesus Christ Your Son, Amen