We need AWANA Grand Prix Volunteers!

Awana-Clubs-Shadow2FBCA Kids!

We need your help! The AWANA Grand Prix is right around the corner (February 6), and I want us to be ready for this big event.

This is a great way for us to make AWANA more than just a program. It is a way to be an organic, relationship-building ministry as a facet of our church life.

Below are some areas where you can help. If you would like to sign up for one of these, please let Commander Billy (Tindell) know or contact Associate Pastor Daustin.

  1. Food Prep and Service. 3-4 people. Description: Paul Carideo is going to be cooking up a couple of big pots of chili. We are also going to have a chili pot-luck (not a cook off, just BYOC Bring Your Own Chili). Also, we are going to have a few large nugget trays from Chick-Fil-A catered at the event. People helping here will need to help setup the food tables and manage levels during the day. Food will be served at 11AM.
  1. Track Build and Prep. 2-3 people. Description: Charlie Byers will be setting up the track in the days before the race. He will need people to help with this.
  1. Race Day Pit Crew and Registration. 3-4 people. Description: On the day of the race, registration and the pits will open at 9AM. Arrive a few minutes before this to get rolling. You will be responsible to make sure that cars meet all weight/height/build requirements, that they are numbered, and that they are approved to race. You will also help during the races if a car breaks to make sure it gets put back together and still meets all specs.
  1. Race Day Runners. 2-3 people. Description: As the cars run, we need a few people to go get the cars at the end of the track and bring them back to the holding table between races. Your job is also to make sure that kids don’t approach the track in the case of a wreck or accident.
  1. Record Keepers and Design Judges: 3 people. Description: You will manage the bracket as the races happen and also be responsible for judging all of the cars for the design trophies.
  1. Tear Down Crew. Lots of People. Description: Help get the church back in order so that Sunday worship and small groups can meet.
We look forward to this big event and the opportunities we have to fellowship. Below is a schedule for the day:
9AM Pits/Registration Opens
9:30AM Races Begin
10:30AM Speaker
11AM Lunch is served
11:30ish Championship Races
11:45ish Trophy Presentation