Anonymous Story

sf_Reborn_0004_Group 1 copy 5 (Custom)What was your life like before you met Christ? * While I was lost, I was always afraid that I would die before I could be saved. Thinking about it now, it seems silly to me that I had this great fear, and ALL I had or needed to do was accept Christ. During this time I was in church and pretending to be a true Christian. I didn’t want my friends, family and especially my husband to know that I was lost! I knew the way to be saved, but was paralyzed by fear because others would know what a fake I was.

How did you come to Christ? * I was under conviction for several months and felt the call by my pastor at the time. His name was Russell Bradford, but we called him Brad. The first Sunday in November of 1976 the Lord called my name during the morning service but I would not go up. We went home (my husband and I) and fixed lunch, watched tv and probably walked the dog. After that we decided to take a Sunday afternoon nap. I just lay in bed with tears running down my face (huh, I’m even tearing up right now remembering it). Pretty soon the tears turned into sobs, and I woke my husband up and told him what was going on. We went to see my pastor and I told him that the Lord was leading me to be saved. I accepted Christ and have never looked back since.

What is your life like now in Christ? * What a relief it has been to be released from fear. Also, the Lord has provided me with numerous incidents of pure divine providence, many of which are too detailed to note here, but lets just say that I feel His love every day. We, my spouse and I, have been able to share His love in anonymous ways and are continually blessed.

Any additional comments? Yes, I get upset with folks sometimes when they say they believe in aliens or another world, universe, etc., because I believe that Christ came for ALL and died for ALL on Calvary; therefore there can be no other humans anywhere else. I also truly believe that if I had been the ONLY person on earth, He would have come ONLY for me. But in reality, He came for ALL who would believe on Him.