Bobby G.’s Story

 RisenSD_main-clean (Custom)What was your life like before you met Christ? 
I professed to know Christ for many years but constant battles with sin took a great toll in my life and I found my marriage ending and desperately empty and fearful inside. One day in church I prayed “God I don’t care what it costs me, just please save my soul, in Jesus name amen”. For about 6 years I was made very aware of my sinful condition and terrified I would die in my sin. I only begged God, in this time, to have mercy on my soul and I also would make a plea to find life in Him. It seems I was a very wicked and hypocritical man for many years.
How did you come to Christ? 
While standing in my kitchen on day I sensed a strange presence like feeling very near me. I found that I could draw closer to this presence. As I drew near a strange peace began to make itself felt in myself. I marveled in it. If I became angry as I often did for no reason the peace would vanish. I would apologize for my ranting and the peace returned. This went on for a few days and I felt less fearful and calmer. While walking my dog Polly I noticed how wonderful the sky, the clouds and the trees looked. I said a quick prayer “God if you even care a little about me please get me out of this drug stuff I am in.” I was growing pot in my trailer and around drug users constantly I also realized that my health suffered because of much marijuana use. I thought it would help my back pain but it was hurting me more. Maybe 6 or 7 days later I was arrested by the Meigs county sheriff’s department. This was July 15, 2011. In a chapel service in jail a big man by the name of Mike Rymer, pastor of Walnut Grove Baptist church, answered my question I had ask with tears: “Has God given up on me?” He hugged me and gave me a very hearty “God NEVER gives up on you!” Boy, I wanted to believe him! That afternoon I read a small pamphlet about God’s love for us. It was based on the OT book Malachi. After reading it through twice I began to believe that God did indeed still love me, that He had ALWAYS loved me since I was born! As I thrilled to this I felt a great release within my chest! A new heart began to live inside me and I began to feel a great warm love flowing through me! That night as I turned in I ask Jesus if I might be born again and about 2 or 3 in the morning on August 4, 2011, my prayer was wonderfully and very powerfully answered!
What is your life like now in Christ? 
(written) August 21, 2011


Dear Family and friends

As I sat up in my bunk in Meigs county jail, it was very late and I had awakened suddenly. I perceived the presence of God about me very strongly. I kept asking: “Is this real? Is it really real?! I wept quietly for some time.
As I wept, I began to rejoice and the love of God with great joy filled my being. My heart was like to burst for the joy and love that flooded my body. [I heard a voice asking: “Are you ready?” I answered: “I am” and I gave myself up to my Creator.]
I don’t know when sleep came but it did. I awakened a very different, very changed man.
It was as if Christ Himself possessed me! This persisted for some days until I walked out of the jail and for some time after.
Lately I feel more back to normal but not in the same way I was before. I walk each morning and evening to talk with God. Sometimes I get up in the middle of the night and walk in the August moonlight using my lantern. Polly, my precious pup, is eager to go with me each time.
Friends, family, I feel I am taking hold of the very thing I have searched for in Scripture all these years… Eternal Life.
I reach out to Him each hour, each day and He does not fail to be there and to satisfy my empty and broken heart.
God is wonderful!
Instead of my world filled with sinful, violent people, I see His saints everywhere! At Hardies, walking around and even honking at me as they see my “Jesus loves me” sign on the back bumper.
Most wonderful of all is that I am not afraid of anything of this world anymore, not people or anything I used to fear; no not even death. Sometimes I tremble when God is near.
It is a wonderful thing to not be afraid. It doesn’t matter what others may think of me for “I know whom I have believed in.” No, not even yourself, though I wish you would give this wicked old man one more chance, for the “old man” is “passing away” and the new is now emerging!
I will not give up.  God has filled my heart with his wonderful love and I rarely miss an opportunity to share it with others. What freedom! How wonderful it is to walk with the Redeemer of our souls. What freedom is ours when God draws close to us!
I’m pretty much the same person but I’m under new management now, I guess.
And the peace… Peace now so complete, so real, this world can hardly touch it.
All of the scriptures I vainly studied now come flooding back in profound and timely ways, just when I need them for a certain situation. Not laws that bind me but principles that set me free to live before my God…
My God, yes, my God. He is mine and I am His!
God’s blessings upon you all forever. I love you all dearly.
Truly in Christ our Lord, Bobby G.

Note: ALL this is still true to this day.

Jesus NEVER fails. He WANTS to give us life but ONLY on His terms. We cannot come over the fence, we MUST go through the Gate that is straight, that Gate is Christ Jesus our Lord.
Yours truly in Christ, Bobby G.