Donna M’s Story

sf_whereIAm_03 (Custom)What was your life like before you met Christ? * I was raised in a home where God was known as “the man upstairs.” We attended church on special occasions. I do not ever remember hearing the gospel message. After graduating from high school and while attending technical school, I met and married my husband. His career moved us away from our family in Pennsylvania. Moving meant we had to lean on each other and for awhile life was good. However, as time went on, my husband’s job required more from him, we had two children and life seemed to be on a downward spiral. Our marriage was in trouble and we were headed for a divorce.

How did you come to Christ? * But God…. The Lord began to work on my husband. After watching a Billy Graham Crusade, my husband announced we were going to attend church. The Lord moved us from DC to Harrisonburg, VA. We began to attend church and for the first time, I saw people who in the midst of trials, had peace. A co-worker of my husbands, came to our home and introduced us to the message of the gospel. While he attended a different church, he presented Christ as the way, the truth and the life. My Sunday School teacher helped me understand that God wanted a personal relationship with me, by living hers before me. After sometime, I noticed my husband was changing. He had been reading the Bible, praying and studying with Warren. He seemed to find a new purpose for living. His job still had high demands on him but he was changing. Because of these witnesses, I remember asking God to show himself to me and then I realized he was. Through my neighbor, I learned about prayer. Through my husband’s co-worker , I learned the plan of salvation. Through my Sunday School teacher, I learned of God’s desire to have a personal relationship with me. This knowledge led me to pray and ask the Lord to forgive me of my sin, indwell me with the Holy Spirit so I could learn more about Him.

What is your life like now in Christ? *    Some of the blessings of walking with the Lord: include a healing in my marriage, two children who professed faith in the Lord and mentors who have helped us understand what it means “to know Christ.” My husband and I have a heart burden for discipleship because we have benefited from others investing time in us. My life verse is Ps. 145:4. “One generation shall declare your mighty acts to the next and will proclaim your mighty acts.” I pray that I am being faithful to share the gospel with my grandchildren and all who cross my path. I am grateful the Lord allowed me to see my parents become Christians before their death. I am also grateful for a faithful Father who is always there to carry me through trails.