Esther S.’s Story

sf_Believe_0005_Group 1 copy 5 (Custom)What was your life like before you met Christ? * I was nine-years-old when I became a Christian, so I don’t remember not being a believer in Christ. I was blessed with loving parents who lived out their faith in the home. They also immersed me in church (FBC Athens) from the time I was two-weeks-old, so I had wonderful examples of faith there, too.

How did you come to Christ? * My maternal grandmother passed away when I was in third grade. Being naturally curious, I wanted to know all about heaven. My mom patiently answered questions about heaven and why God sent His son to save us from our sins.

On April 7, 1991 my mom and I visited the cemetery to see Grandma C.’s headstone. We sat there and talked about her life and about heaven. I told my mom I wanted to be like my grandmother and have Jesus live in my heart, too. She led me to Christ there and I immediately felt his peace.

What is your life like now in Christ? *    God has blessed my life immeasurably. He is also constantly changing and teaching me to be more like Him, which doesn’t always feel like a blessing at the time. It’s in those moments that I grow the most. One of the bigger lessons He’s taught me is to choose joy in all circumstances – as that comes from Him.

I still have so much of my life ahead of me, and God still has so much work to do in me. My story is no where near complete, but I know He will continue to bless me and make me more like Him.