Pastors’ Blog – A Recommendation for a Summer Devotional

We are entering into a different phase of the year. Many parents with children will have more time in their morning routine. Children will get to sleep in and have free time in the evenings as many sports and clubs wind down their year. There will be more front porch sittin’ and iced tea sippin’ (At least, if I had a front porch, and a pitcher of tea, that is what I would be doin’!).
If you don’t have a plan for your free time, you will never see it. It seems as though whenever our busy schedule begins to free up, we fill it up faster than an empty glass on a hot day. Why do we love to jam pack our schedules with so many things that will not last? We stare at screens far longer than we need to and at things less important than eternity.
This summer, resolve to intensely study one book of the Bible. For me, I have been working through the book of John. A very dear friend of mine, and a guide in the faith, has released a great commentary on the book of John. Many commentaries are written from a technical perspective, and oftentimes include terms that require the reader to have a background in Bible scholarship and languages to understand. For this commentary, it is written with a non-technical purpose, meaning that all Christians are able to grab their Bible, grab this book, and wade into the depths of this book of Scripture.
I highly recommend this as a companion to the book of John. It will help you gaze at Jesus through the eyes of two of His followers, John the Apostle and Bill Cook. As the New Testament scholar Leon Morris said about the Gospel of John “[it is] A pool in which a child may wade and an elephant can swim.”
Here is a link to the commentary on Amazon: <Click Here>. You probably won’t find a better way to spend $15.99 this summer.