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Celebrate Christmas with Musical Worship!

No celebrated season on the planet has the voluminous music dedicated to it’s occurrence as Christmas.  So this seems like an appropriate time to share my perspective.  Though not forgotten by many, but overlooked by the majority, is the awesome power of melody, harmony, rhythm, and dynamics.  Music is ubiquitous and because of its prevalence and often not filtered or used for less noble things than glorifying God.  I know you are thinking, “Scrooge, get a life.”  But living for the Lord is about the small stuff we daily take in as well as the big things. So…

Several years ago there was a very popular game show that stayed on for 17 years with some variants and new hosts.  The point was to test contestant’s ability to recognize a song in the shortest amount of time.   In the most popular version in the 70’s players would bid on the number of notes for the chance to guess it.   So what?  Well what was proven over and over again is that many times just a few notes cued a memory of an entire lyric that lay buried in the mind.  I am confident that I could play a single octave descending scale in a specific rhythm and you would confess a biblical truth remembering just the title.  (Try me some time)

The great “Ah-ha” moment comes when truth is added to engaging music.  If you want to be able to name all the states in our country, learn the song.  You will accomplish the task in a fraction of the time it takes for rote memory without music.  Believers from the beginning utilized music to worship their God.  And as with just about everything  powerful and good, it can be corrupted and become powerfully evil.  You and I both know songs we don’t find edifying or reflective of a biblical world view, and yet we believe we can handle them and not let them hurt us.  Sunday morning our Pastor carefully and boldly explained how careful and humble we need to be with “gray areas,” and I would assert that secular music (music not written with the intent of glorifying the creator) is at least a “gray area” worthy of some caution.  Music is not innocuous, because somehow when the emotions are stirred by enchanting melodies and engaging rhythm, the spiritual filters we normally utilize, get bypassed and the content goes straight into our memories, often for a lifetime. 

One of the benefits of today’s technology and freedom is that you have available to you in almost every conceivable style and from so many sources, an overwhelming plethora of Godly music.  Some new, plenty from the past, and even the opportunity to contribute and broadly distribute your current testimony in a musical genre of your choice is easily within grasp. 

In conclusion, the cliché’ “the best defense is a good offense” can be applied to your use of music.  Seek that which brings Christ glory and His work among us enumerated, filling your musical needs with good, thus crowding out the evil which is so prevalent in the entertainment world. 

Pastor Tim