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Preparing to worship from home

Good morning everyone! We encourage you all to worship with us today. If you are having trouble connecting online, please prepare an alternate time of worship for your family.

Some Ways to Prepare for Online Worship on Sundays:

  • Go to bed at a decent hour Saturday night.

  • Get up early enough to give yourself and/or your family time to wake up (eat breakfast, drink coffee, get dressed, etc.)

  • Put away distractions several minutes ahead of time (phones, food/snacks, games, devices, pets if they are distracting).

  • Test the online feed as soon as it is available.

  • Grab your Bible, a journal, a pen, etc.

  • Take a moment or several moments and pray together.

  • Engage fully with worship…sing out loud, read the Word, pray, listen together to the Word, and reflect on what you learn.

  • Thank the Lord for His Word and time together with others.

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