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The New Website is Live

While we are all working through these crazy times with the Corona virus and how the world responds to these moments of uncertainty, FBC is still at work. One of the commitments we have is to expand our opportunities for communication, mission, and evangelism. Hopefully, you’ve been able to connect with us through our website and have watched our services on Sunday and engaged in Bible study with me through our daily devotions and Wednesday night Bible study (and yes, due to user error – me – we did not get Wednesday night up until Thursday morning!!). We are making progress.

One of the new ways that we will be able to communicate with you and with the world is through our new website. Go to and you can see it. It’s awesome. It is designed to better fit our needs and mission as a church. Much of the content will connect directly with our mission statement. We will regularly be introducing new content , updating videos and resources, and will be providing information and ideas that will help you to gather, grow, serve, and reach.

We also have a simplified, online giving tool available @ that will help you in your continued stewardship. You can contact Myra at the church office if you need help navigating the giving portal. We are here to help.

Most of all, please know that the church staff is praying for you, our city, state, nation, and world. God is still Sovereign and in control. I can’t wait to publicly worship with you again.

In the meantime, do these things:

1. Worship with your family during the week and on Sunday via the web.

2. Join me in a short devotion each day on the website. Bring your Bible.

3. Plan how you will worship with the church family once this virus passes (and dies).

4. Pray through who you can invite to be your guest.

5. Plan to join us for worship Easter Sunday for our outdoor worship service (we will be in cars, have access to an FM broadcast of the service, and all of it will be live).

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