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Weekly Update 12.1.20

Church Family,

I hope you have had a wonderful start to the holiday season beginning with a time of Thanksgiving. As we head into Christmas, there are a few opportunities for you to keep in mind.

  1. We start our new Sunday school unit on Sunday, December 6th. Teachers, please make sure you have what you need for you and your class. If you are behind, please skip to the new unit so we are all on the same lesson. Let me know if I can help you in any way.

  2. That same evening, Dec 6th, we will have our Hanging the Greens service at 5 pm. This is another great opportunity to gather together, worship the King, and learn about the important features of the Christmas holiday.

  3. On Christmas Eve, we will also gather to worship at 5 pm. REMEMBER, this is another service that visitors are highly likely to attend. In recent years, this time has a greater percentage of guest than Easter. So, be ready to CONNECT with new comers to FBC. Encourage other people to join you during this special time of worship.

  4. Make a note that the final Wed night for meals, prayer gathering, and all other Wed night activities will be Dec 16th. Our Wed night activities will resume in January 2021.

Please know that your Pastors are praying for you all. We miss those that cannot be with us at this time, but you are not forgotten. We continue to pray for our congregation. Stay safe, healthy, and warm. See you Sunday!


Pastor Joe

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