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Weekly Update 8.18.20

It's time to start settling in for another school year! As odd as that sounds, it's still true. With school starting back for most every family, this time brings anticipation of new ventures, high expectations, and a renewed sense of connecting with friends for both parents and students. At FBC Athens, we want to continue to encourage you and your family. One way we specifically do this is during our Sunday school time together. We are so excited to be relaunching our Sunday school on Sunday, September 13th! Make plans to join a class now.

Second, we also wanted to communicate that our cleaning protocols are changing a bit to better serve you. We have committed to more stringent cleaning efforts from the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. Additionally, we are now running air purifiers during services that quietly operate in the background. As soon as the building is vacant, the same purifiers are switched to a sanitizing mode while the building is empty to take care of anything that may be in the air. On top of that, we are also "fogging" rooms after they are used with a solution that takes care of things that have settled onto surfaces and fabrics. Each of these measures are in place to insure the building is clean, sanitized, and ready for use. We greatly appreciate all your support in this endeavor. For more information on our new protocols, check out last week's announcement video:

Third, our Student Worship time will relaunch tomorrow at 6 pm in the Youth Room. We are so excited about what God is going to do this year. Have your students invite their friends to join in as we worship and dig into the Word together.

Finally, we pray that your week has been filled with encouragement from the Lord. We are looking forward with great anticipation for God to work in various ways. There are many exciting things happening around us that can be a continual reminder that God is NOT done with us. Let's hold on to that thought this week!

See you all Sunday,

Joe Delph

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