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Weekly Update - May 14th

Good afternoon Church Family, We hope you have had a great week. As things around us begin to open up, we wanted to let you know how the church is planning on Regathering. We have missed being together. Here are a few things that will help you stay informed as things continue to happen: 1.) Pastor Bill has put together some information about how we will Regather. Here is the video link to his explanation: If you have any trouble accessing this video, go to our webpage: to find the same information. If you have any questions about the Regathering plan, please let us know. We are praying diligently as we get back together.  2.) For this Sunday, we will be gathering back together in the Sanctuary for worship at 9:30 am and 10:45 am. When you arrive, you will notice a few things are different regarding how you enter the building. Volunteers will be available to administer hand sanitizer at the doors. Everyone will need to remain on the first floor, so please use the restrooms in the Atrium. When you enter the Sanctuary, you will notice that every other pew will be blocked off to help us maintain social distancing during worship. In between the first and second services, our Deacon’s will be wiping down the pews with sanitizer and moving the markers for the pews. If you arrive early, please be patient as the ushers will keep the doors closed until the cleaning is complete. We feel that these measures and others that are outlined in the Regathering plan are designed to help us be good neighbors and love one another as we gather.  If you have any questions about how any of the Regathering plan will work, you can reach me at the church with the contact info at the bottom of this message. Praying for you all!

See you Sunday!

Joe Delph Associate Pastor Evangelism & Discipleship FBC Athens, TN (423)745-5441 office

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