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Million Minutes of Prayer (MMOP)

Acts 3:19-20 calls us to repent that our sins may be blotted out and that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord.  Those times of ‘refreshing’ or revival are what we need personally, corporately as a Church, and globally in our world today.  Biblically and historically, such times of revival have always been preceded by extraordinary prayer.   Therefore, we as a Church have committed to a season of extraordinary prayer. In fact, we have committed to pray 1,000,000 minutes of extraordinary prayer over the next 12 months. We are longing for God’s refreshing presence in our lives, our church, and our community.  We would love for you to join us!  Keep reading to learn more and to see how you can get involved.  


Our Commitment To Extraordinary Prayer:










Minutes of Prayer Since Launch (9-13-15):


What is Extraordinary Prayer?

Extraordinary Prayer is:
  • Focused on God and His Kingdom 
Extraordinary prayer is radically God-centered – not ‘me’ centered, not ‘you’ centered, but God-centered. It is full of praise, full of Scripture, full of power. It is not about you, but about Him. It’s about His glory, His Kingdom, His Mission, and His Church!
  • Bold and Specific
First, there is conviction of sin and repentance. Second, there is a compassion and zeal for the flourishing of the Church and salvation for the lost. Third, there is a a yearning to know God, to see His face, to get a glimpse His glory. 
  • Consistent and Corporate
In Acts, we see the early Church devoting themselves to prayer.  Their prayer was on-going and united.  They based their prayers on the Word of God and therefore they prayed the Will of God.     

Prayer Guide

The best resource for extraordinary praying is the Word of God. The best way to pray the will of God is by praying the Word of God.  Therefore, our goal is to pray prayers that are shaped by the scriptures and not shaped by our opinions, wants, and desires.  Don Whitney writes, “To pray the Bible, you simply go through the passage line by line, talking to God about whatever comes to mind as you read the text.  Anyone can do that” (Donald S. Whitney – Praying the Bible).  As you read a verse of the Scripture you may want to ask, “If this verse were to become a prayer for my life, my church, or someone in my community, what would it sound like?”  For a more thorough explanation of how to pray the Scriptures, be sure to listen to the message entitled “Extraordinary Praying,” found at the bottom of this page.    
In an effort to strengthen unity and encourage Christian growth, we have put together a prayer guide that will allow our church to be focused on the same scriptures each day as we seek to Glorify Him.    

Example Prayers:

Example #1: Open your Bible to Psalm 1:1-6. As you read each verse, pause and turn the verse into a prayer.  Your prayer may sound something like this: 

Prayer;  Lord, give me the  desire to search  and meditate upon Your word both day and night.  Lift me up, Lord, that I may not walk, nor stand, nor sit in the pathway of evil and sinful ways.  Plant me, Lord, beside the life-giving streams of water.  Bury my roots deeply that I may  drink abundantly of your word in order that I may do your will for my life and find success.  Don’t allow me to dry up like the chaff and worthlessly blow away.  My hearts desire is to stand side by side with my brothers and sisters in the pathway of righteousness.  


Example #2: Open your Bible to Ephesians 1:17-19. As you read each verse, pause and turn the verse into a prayer.  Your prayer may sound something like this: 
Prayer; “God of  our lord Jesus Christ, Father of glory, give me a spirit of  wisdom and of revelation in the knowledge of Jesus.  I pray that my eyes may be enlightened, so that I may know what is the hope of His calling, what are the riches of the glory of His inheritance in the saints, and what is the surpassing greatness of your power toward us who believe.” 



Prayer Share:

Enjoy reading what God is doing in the lives of those committed to extraordinary prayer. And, feel free to share your experiences and insight via Prayer Share. Just click the logo to share & read. 
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Sharing Your Prayers, Requests, and Progress With Others:

prayer-share-320xPlease consider sharing your prayers with all the others who are praying. This will be helpful to encourage one another, to unite in prayer, and to glorify God. Since most of the prayers made during this effort will be done in secret, we ask that you take two minutes after you pray daily to access our PRAYER SHARE feature and share with all the others praying.
  • You can share a verse of scripture and the prayer response you offered to God.
  • You can share a prayer request.
  • You can tell others what God is doing in your life as a result of prayer.
  • You can praise God for His faithfulness and answered prayers.
  • You can read what others are sharing to be encouraged.
  • You can LIKE and PRAY FOR each Prayer Share to encourage others.
  • CLICK THE LOGO to SHARE or READ Prayer Shares now…

All PRAYER SHARE submissions will be moderated by church staff and may or may not be published. Your name and email will only be visible to the church staff handling the submissions. With your permission, your PRAYER SHARE may  be published to the PRAYER SHARE web page on the First Baptist Athens website and to Facebook and Twitter.  It may be necessary to modify the submission or to not publish the submission. NO NAMES OR EMAIL ADDRESSES WILL BE PUBLISHED. You can select the “DO NOT PUBLISH” option to prevent sharing beyond the church staff. Please read what others have shared as examples of acceptable PRAYER SHARE submissions.

Your Commitment – Join Us In Extraordinary Prayer!

We are requesting each person to commit a minimum of 10 minutes or more each day for the next year to extraordinary prayer.  By following our Prayer Guide, the entire church will be focused on the same scriptures throughout the entire year.  At the end of the first quarter, a second guide will be provided to guide you through the next quarter.

If you believe that extraordinary prayer can change things, and you are willing to commit to pray 10 minutes of extraordinary prayer per day for the next year, then you are welcome to pray along with us.  Click below to let us know of your commitment.




Enjoy the Sermon Series That Sparked Our Commitment

Enjoy the sermon series that sparked our commitment to one million minutes of prayer. 
We need a time of refreshment from the Holy Spirit of God. We need this in our lives, our churches, and our community.  When the early church was refreshed by God, amazing things happened in the church and the community.  The same can happen today.

Pray, and in the Meantime…
Series: Refresh
Pray and in the Meantime... Acts 2:42-47
  1. Solid ___________
  2. Intimate ___________
  3. Vibrant ____________
  4. Compassionate ____________
  5. Aggressive ______________
  • 08/30/2015Pray, and in the Meantime…
    Pray, and in the Meantime…
    Series: Refresh
    Pray and in the Meantime... Acts 2:42-47
    1. Solid ___________
    2. Intimate ___________
    3. Vibrant ____________
    4. Compassionate ____________
    5. Aggressive ______________
  • 08/23/2015Extraordinary Praying
    Extraordinary Praying
    Series: Refresh
    Important preparation for our commitment to extraordinary prayer.
  • 08/16/2015A Call to Extraordinary Prayer
    A Call to Extraordinary Prayer
    Series: Refresh
    A Call to Extraordinary Prayer
    Acts 3-4
    1. It’s focused on ______ and His ___________
    2. It’s ________ and ____________
    3. It’s ___________ and ___________
  • 08/09/2015How the Holy Spirit Refreshes Us
    How the Holy Spirit Refreshes Us
    Series: Refresh
    Acts 3-4
    1. Recovery of the _________
    2. Repentance of ________
    3. Return to ________
  • 08/02/2015Refresh Us, Oh God
    Refresh Us, Oh God
    Series: Refresh
    Refresh Us, Oh God Acts 4
    Dr. Jason Clark, Pastor
    1. Tremendous _____________
    2. Extraordinary ____________
    3. Refreshing ____________
    4. Transformed ___________