Scott H.’s Story

Savior3 (Custom)What was your life like before you met Christ? * I had been fighting the daily battles of LIFE on my terms and my way of thinking. The truth is I was so alone by myself thinking I can handle this world (again on my terms) that I lost contact with GOD.

How did you come to Christ? * I was Baptized as a child in the Methodist Church and for years as a Episcopalian until we moved away from the church location. I was recently reborn as a Christian from a simple gesture of kindness from one of your church members, a reborn Christian himself. He gave me a book to read a Daily Devotional which Id nearly forgotten existed and had in my life. He, my wife, and best friend have been back in the lords arms for years now and I was still alone, I always thanked them for praying for me, but never took he time to do so for myself until recently.

What is your life like now in Christ? * My life is full of hope and renewed energy. I have been blessed everyday. God is transforming my mind, body and soul to think and speak as a Christian not a sinner as before.

Any additional comments? Pray for me as I am a sinner and let his faith be within me forever. Thanks Be To God!!!