Look Back and Press On – God is Faithful
Series: Forward
Dr. Ligon Duncan
1 Samuel 7
  • 10/16/2016Look Back and Press On – God is Faithful
    Look Back and Press On – God is Faithful
    Series: Forward
    Dr. Ligon Duncan
    1 Samuel 7
  • 10/09/2016Abide in Me
    Abide in Me
    John 15
    Stay in Jesus.
    Bear Fruit.
    Be Joyful.
  • 10/02/2016Why the Lord’s Supper?
    Why the Lord’s Supper?
    1 Cor 11:17-34
    1. To Remember v.23-25
    2. To Give Thanks v.24
    3. To Proclaim v. 26
    4. To Examine v. 27-32
    5. To Come Together v.33-34
  • 09/25/2016Following Jesus: Press On
    Following Jesus: Press On
    Phil 3:12-16
    Three ingredients for Pressing On: 1. Spiritual Discontentment 2. Focused Concentration
    3. Maximum Effect
  • 09/18/2016Following Jesus: Making Disciples
    Following Jesus: Making Disciples
    Matthew 28:18-20
    1. Go with the PURPOSE of proclaiming Christ.
    2. CONNECT people with Christ.
    3. TEACH them to obey Christ.
  • 09/11/2016Following Jesus – Being With Others
    Following Jesus – Being With Others
    Mark 3:13-19
    Following Jesus: Being with Others
    1. Get TOGETHER
    2. Show LOVE
    3. Share TRUTH
    4. CONFRONT Sin
    5. STIR up
  • 09/04/2016Follow Me: Being With Jesus
    Follow Me: Being With Jesus
    Mark 3:7-19
    1. Being with Jesus is about CULTIVATING a relationship with Him.
    2. Being with Jesus is about RECEIVING, not ACHIEVING.
    3. Being with Jesus means COMMUNING, not COMPARTMENTALIZING.
    4. Being with Jesus requires SUSTAINED REGULARITY, not short bursts.
  • 08/28/2016Follow Me: The Marks of a Disciple
    Follow Me: The Marks of a Disciple
    Matthew 10:24-42
  • 08/21/2016Following Jesus: Putting Jesus First
    Following Jesus: Putting Jesus First
    Luke 9:57-62
      1. Put Jesus first over personal COMFORTS.
    2. Put Jesus first over personal PRIORITIES.
  • 08/14/2016Following Jesus: Denying Self
    Following Jesus: Denying Self
    Luke 9:23
    1. A call to SELF-DENIAL. 2. A call to SUFFERING.
    3. A call to SUBMIT.
  • 08/07/2016Following Jesus: Drawing Near
    Following Jesus: Drawing Near
    MT 4:18-22
    1. To follow Jesus, I must enter into a RELATIONSHIP with Him.
    2. That relationship is based on REPENTANCE and faith.
    3. With the goal of being transformed to RESEMBLE Christ.
  • 07/31/2016Blessed are the Merciful
    Blessed are the Merciful
    Psalm 41
    1. The REWARD of the merciful.
    2. The REQUEST of the merciful.
    3. The REJOICING of the merciful.
  • 07/24/2016The Reckoning is Coming
    The Reckoning is Coming
    Psalm 37
  • 07/17/2016A Psalm of Deliverance
    A Psalm of Deliverance
    Psalm 34
    1. The WORSHIP of the Delivered 2. The WITNESS of the Delivered 3. The WISDOM of the Delivered
    a. TASTE the Lord
    b. FEAR the Lord 4. The WONDER of the Delivered
    a. The Lord SEES
    b. The Lord HEARS
    c. The Lord RESCUES
    d. The Lord JUDGES (the wicked)
    e. The Lord REDEEMS (the righteous)
  • 07/10/2016Blessed are the Forgiven
    Blessed are the Forgiven

    “Blessed are the Forgiven” • Psalm 32


    1. The _____________________ of sin (v1-2)

    2. The ____________________ of sin (v3-4)

    3. The ______________________ of sin (v5)

    4. The ______________________ concerning sin (v6-11)

    A. _________________ to confess your sins

    B. _____________________ yourself in God

    C. ________________________ God’s word

    D. _________________ yourself continually

    E. ____________________ faith in the Lord

  • 07/02/2016Who is the King of Glory?
    Who is the King of Glory?
    Psalm 24
    1. Acknowledge God’s _____________________ (v1-2)
    2. Seek to worship God with ___________________________ (v3-4)
    a. It is the grace of God to _______________________________
    b. It is the grace of God that _______________________________
    3. Understand God’s ___________________________ (v7)
  • 06/26/2016The Shepherd’s Psalm
    The Shepherd’s Psalm
    “The Shepherd’s Psalm” •
    Psalm 23 1. The Lord is my SHEPHERD (v1)

    A. I shall not lack REST (v2)

    B. I shall not lack LIFE (v3a)

    C. I shall not lack GUIDANCE (v3b)

    D. I shall not lack SAFETY (v4)

    2. The Lord is my HOST (v5)

    A. I shall not lack PROVISION

    B. I shall not lack an ETERNAL HOME (v6)

  • 06/19/2016The Psalm of the Cross
    The Psalm of the Cross
    Psalm 22
    1.  The PRAYER of the Forsaken

    A.  SILENCE (v1b-2)

    B.  SCORN (v6-8)

    C.  SUFFERING (v12-18)

    2.  The PRAISE of the Delivered

    A.  DECLARATION (v22-23)

    B.  INVITATION (v27-29)

  • 06/12/2016The Glory of God
    The Glory of God
    Psalm 19
    1. The Glory of God in the _____________ (v1a)

    a. It’s ________________________

    b. It’s ________________________

    c. It’s ________________________

    d. It’s ________________________

      2. The Glory of God in the ________________________ (v7-9)

    a. It’s ________________________

    b. It’s ________________________

    c. It’s ________________________

  • 06/05/2016The Majesty of God
    The Majesty of God
    Psalm 8