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Parent Welcome and Info for 2019

We are so excited to offer CrossTraining for kids again this year @ FBCA! Look Below for a more thorough explanation of what CrossTraining has to offer!

Here are the CrossTraining dates for this Fall 2019 Calendar:

  • August 7, 14, 21, 28
  • September 4, 11, 18, 25 October 2, 11, 16 -(no CrossTraining – Fall Break), 23, 30 (no CrossTraining – Fall Festival)
  • November 6, 13, 20, 27 (No CrossTraining—Happy Thanksgiving!),
  • December 4, 11, 18 ( Party night—more info later)


After our first great year, CrossTraining for children at FBC Athens is set to be better than ever! We are seeking to provide a well-rounded and grounded FUN time of learning, community, fitness and fellowship. Since the world in which our children are growing up is increasingly hostile towards things of God, they have the need to be better grounded in their faith than you were at their age. They need to know WHAT they believe and WHY they believe it and be able to express (live) those beliefs to an unfriendly world. This fast-paced, age-graded experience was created to help our families continue to provide a sure and strong foundation in Christ as they raise their children to know and love Jesus! CrossTraining takes place each Wednesday from 4:30 – 7:30 p.m.

Cross Training Awards Trip



The first aspect of Cross Training is KidSing at 4:30: we will strengthen their thinking, musical, and physical skills as we learn that music is a wonderful way to memorize and internalize the Word of God as well as express depth of feeling that is sometimes difficult with just spoken word. The goal of KidSing is to train your children to become life-long worshippers of Jesus Christ and to proclaim His love confidently through music and the arts. Please understand that KidSing is NOT just singing – we learn instruments, play games and have many fun activities that reinforce the concepts of the songs we are learning – which will co-ordinate with the Bible verses we are learning in the rest of CrossTraining!


Family Night Supper

The second aspect is Family Night Supper – we encourage you to eat as a family together – everyone needs physical nourishment and fellowship time!


Bible Skills, Drills, Missions and Recreation

The final aspect of CrossTraining is a combination of Bible Skills, New City Catechism, Bible Drill, Missions, and Recreation. This will be divided into 4 segments each week (in a VBS- type schedule). Our children will learn specific scripture verses and passages, practice finding them in their Bible, hear stories from God’s word, learn important questions and answers to reinforce that firm foundation and learn about and DO missions as well as play active large group games. All of these activities are cumulative in nature and highly dependent on you as the parent to give this the proper priority in your family’s life – by regular attendance and encouraging (checking up on) their work. There are so many benefits for our children with a well-rounded schedule like this: first, they are introduced to and interact with so many different adults who are willing to invest themselves weekly; second, some aspects of the schedule will appeal more to some than others, but it is all essential to the depth of their learning; third, they’ll meet new friends and develop relationships with others who are also on the journey as young Christians – some may be ahead of them in that journey and others may be helped along by your child. As you begin to settle your schedule for the new school year, please pray about and give consideration to this weekly commitment to enhance the spiritual life of your children and your family—just as their physical health and well- being is dependent on you, their spiritual health is also… We challenge you to become more involved as a family by participating in one of the adult studies that will be on-going or even by helping in one of these Cross Training groups as a leader or helper!