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more storiesJesus Christ is very interested in having a personal relationship with you and everyone. He wants to bring you into God’s family, to spend time with you, and to help you in your everyday life.  He is interested in the smallest things about you, and he is standing by to become your Lord and Savior. He will change you from the inside-out if you will surrender your heart and life to him, and you will never be the same!

Many people have met Christ and have experienced his life-changing power.  We were all once lost and going our own way, but we were somehow introduced to Jesus and learned of his free gift offer of salvation. Once we received Christ as Lord and Savior, we began to experience life in a very different way.

We’ve attempted to capture some of these life-changing stories below.  They describe the life-changing power of Christ.

Enjoy these awesome stories!






Watch these stories of how Jesus Christ has changed lives!


more stories


more stories